Keanu Reeves is looking for the love of his life!


Attractive, talented, humble and single! Keanu Reeves has all the qualities of the perfect man, although some say that perfection is only utopia.

He has had a complicated life: his father was a drug dealer, his mother stripper, his sister suffered from leukemia, his best friend died of an overdose, his girlfriend Jennifer Syme lost the baby they were expecting and after two years she died in an accident

Because of the situations he has gone through, Keanu keeps his private life away from the cameras. But after several years he opened his heart to the Star2 portal, and spoke (among many topics) of his sentimental situation:

  • What does love mean to you?
  • Do you mean romantic love? You know, I'm a lonely boy. I do not have anyone in my life. But if this happens, I would respect and love the other person; I wish it happened to me.

Although Keanu did not give details about the kind of girl who could conquer her heart, we have the slight suspicion that her prototype of ideal woman is based on Sandra Bullock.

In case you missed it Sandra and Keanu worked together in the movie Maximum speed. Recently the actor was in the program of Ellen DeGeneres promoting his film John Wick: Parabellum. The driver told him that long ago Sandra confessed that she was in love with him during the filming of the tape. Keanu was surprised, but not as much as the audience when he gave his answer:

  • Did you know that she was in love with you?
  • Do not
  • Do not?
  • Obviously she did not know that I was in love with her either.

Tragic Real-Life Story Of Keanu Reeves | ⭐OSSA (December 2021)