Justin Trudeau did it again; unleashed a memes war by sneaking into a graduation photo


The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is one of the personalities that has recently stood out, not only for being a great politician, but for the charisma with which he has won millions of people.

He is simply one of the most cool on the planet and demonstrated it while trotting on the Stanley Park Seawall, in Vancouver, when he went through a graduation. A dozen students were taking a photo session and were surprised when Trudeau ran by as if nothing were happening. The official photographer, Adam Scotti, immortalized the moment with an incredible image that has remained for posterity, but also gave us the material for an epic photoshop battle.

1. This is the image that started everything

2. This was shared by the boys in their social networks

3. Begins the competition of the best meme

4. Here the two fastest species on the planet

5. Selfie to the Trudeau

6. Run like the wind, Shooting the target !!

7. But it's Frozono!

8. To give flavor to your party, which is very boring

9. Holy ministers Batman, it's Justin Trudeau!

10. And without a single drop of sweat

11. Save yourself who can!

12. He is Super Canadian!

13. Exclusive for those who love sports and graduations

14. The beau of the moment

15. Returned from the future to liven up your graduation

16. Crowned as the most seductive of ministers

17. The Immortal Trudeau

18. The surprise guest

19. One more photo for the memory

Finally, after taking a couple of laps around the docks, the boys invited him to take one of the best and funniest graduation pictures of all time.

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