Joy reveals that she waits for her first baby with his wife


Mexican singer-songwriter and guitarist Joy Huerta, a member of the renowned Mexican duo Jesse & Joy, has surprised her followers with a message full of love and inclusion in her Instagram account.

The interpreter announced the joyful news that she will become the mother of her first daughter. But this was not all, as it astonished the public when he said that the baby's waiting will be in the company of his wife, whom he has known for seven years.

He thanked his followers for respecting their privacy

Along with a small video of her daughter's ultrasound that she published on Instagram, she shared an emotional message that began with gratitude to her colleagues, media and fans who have always respected her private life throughout these years.

Music is my form of expression with all of you. I have shared every part and facet of my life through it. The most valuable thing I have in life and what I protect the most is my family and my intimacy, I appreciate that as much as you as my colleagues in the music industry (colleagues, media, press) have always respected it.

Love is love

Joy continued the message saying that she was very happy to share such a beautiful and important news in her life, she also commented that for her love has no color or gender.

Since I was little I have seen sexual preferences beyond black and white: two people loving each other with consent, for me it is love regardless of gender.

Leave behind fear

In the same way, the interpreter of This is what I am He recognized that he never imagined spending the rest of his life with a woman and, although at first it was difficult to accept him, he now leaves fear behind and opens up to happiness.

And even though I never thought that the love of my life would be a woman, 7 years ago we met and love took us both by surprise. At first it was difficult for both of us to accept that we had reached our destination. But leaving aside the fear and what they will say, I opened my arms completely to my happiness. Today my wife and I are waiting for our baby, a beautiful baby who thanks to God comes full of health and life.

He will not talk to the media

Finally, Joy made it clear that she does not intend to talk about the subject before the media, as it is part of her private life and she will always decide what and when to say it.

I dedicate myself to music, and when I stand in front of my dear press colleagues, I talk about that: my work, no more, no less. I will be the one who decides when and how much to share my private life and intimacy with the world as I have done to this day.

He ended by thanking his fans for the infinite support they always give him. We wish future mothers the best!

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