Joke from beyond the grave! He watered the plants of his late wife and 5 years later discovered that they were plastic


Many couples like to have fun and make innocent jokes that help the relationship is strengthened and not boring. But this case could be considered the best of all times in terms of humor.

Phedre Fitton and her husband Nigel met when both were 16 years old, shortly after they got married and settled in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sadly, in 2008 Phedre became ill with cancer and, before the end of her life, she asked her husband to take charge of her plants.

An epic joke

After the death of his beloved wife, the 69-year-old man poured fern water every day. However, one day he had to move to a retirement community and his daughter Antonia showed up at home to help with the preparations and at that moment they discovered that the famous plants were made of plastic.

Before dying, Phedre replaced real plants with fake ones. She knew that her husband was not aware, so one of her last requests turned out to be a joke.

Antonia Nicol shared the story through Twitter

Before my mother died, she gave my father strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. He has been watering them religiously, keeping them alive. They look so good that they decided to take them to their new home, only to discover they were made of plastic! I can hear my mother laughing.

Probably, Phedre thought that her husband would discover it quickly, but it took him five years to notice it.

His mother was very funny

After the story went viral, Nicol decided to tell the story of her parents:

My mother fought cancer for five years, but finally lost the battle in November 2013. My parents lived in South Africa, I wish I lived there. It was a very difficult time for everyone.

When my father discovered that I had been watering the plastic plants for years, it was so much fun for all of us that we felt that she was still with us.

She was very funny, she had an incredible sense of humor. This really has given us some joy.

Antonia shared an image of her father watering the plants

My father has loved it so much that this story has come so far that he has made a recreation of it by watering the plants.

Nigel hopes that he will inspire others to be happy

Antonia says that the response of the people has been incredible, and that her father is overwhelmed with the level of interest. This event has made both family and friends begin to remember the good times with their mother.

In fact, I was about to cry until the final shot.

Honestly, we were all so proud that my father was so dedicated to caring for plants. He gave him something to do.

Fantastic, your mother sounds very funny.