Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner said yes, I accept! In Las Vegas


After the youngest of the Jonas brothers married Priyanka Chopra in a spectacular, elegant and dream wedding, we all expected Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner to say yes, I want to! in a similar wedding; however, for the couple everything was different.

After attending the Billboard Music Awards gala, held in Las Vegas, both escaped and in front of a man dressed as Elvis, with the presence of family and friends, finally united their lives as husband and wife.

In 2017 they committed

Sophi announced the commitment when he showed his ring on his Instagram account with the caption: I said yes! , and Joe did the same in his networks, only changed the title of the image: She said yes! .

Since then, we all waited anxiously for the day they finally joined their lives, but Nick, the youngest of the Jonas brothers, came forward and we did not have any news or signs of when it would be the long-awaited day.

After the Billboard gala, they escaped

Dj Diplo posted a series of videos on Instagram where Joe and Sophie can be seen entering a Las Vegas chapel, accompanied by a small group of people who, we assume, are their family and friends.

Joe's brothers witnessed

Another video shows how Nick and Kevin stand at the altar with their brother, while a soft melody was heard in the background.

Sophie wore a simple but beautiful dress

The actress walked down the aisle wearing a white dress and veil.

Yes, an Elvis Presley impersonator officiated at the wedding

Diplo really streamed while Joe and Sophie were getting married I-

Jonas Brothers News (@jbrosnews) May 2, 2019

As is tradition in the Las Vegas chapels, an Elvis impersonator was in charge of officiating the ceremony in which the couple swore eternal love when they each said their vows; They confirmed their civil wedding and also announced that the wedding for the church will take place during the summer.

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