Jennifer Lopez had a double date: she went out with her fiancé and Marc Anthony!


When a relationship ends the last thing couples want is to have to see each other again, maybe because there is still a little bit of affection and they do not want to rekindle it, or maybe because everything ended so bad that it is impossible to stand and then there are Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez .

More than once they have shown us that they maintain a mature relationship thanks to their children, but recently the singer was seen with her fiance, Alex Rodríguez, and her ex-husband during the recital of their youngest child. Their friendship and coexistence are amazing.

Jennifer showed that even though they have been separated for a few years, they maintain a good relationship, especially for their children. The three, Jennifer, her fiancé and Marc, appear singing and laughing in a clip that Alex Rodriguez shared on social networks.

Next to the video there is also a funny legend: For those who can not sit between two people who can not remain calm.

The three of them attended to see Max's participation in the school recital, the little one would interpret Youre Still The One of the singer Shania Twain. From small, the children take singing lessons, although it could be said that they do not need it because they inherited the talent of their parents.

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