Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux separate! Rumors suggest that Brad Pitt has something to do


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been married for two years and now announce to Associated Press your separation. Apparently, the decision to divorce was a mutual agreement they made last year.

These were some of his words:

In an effort to reduce any speculation, we would normally do this in private, but given the gossip industry that will not be able to resist the opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to announce the truth directly. Anything that is published about us that is not directly from us is the fictional narrative of someone else. Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love we have for each other.

According People, the couple was separated for months

Aniston was living in Los Angeles while Theroux was living in New York. The magazine published data from a source close to the couple:

Justin often spends a few days in New York with himself. When she's in New York, Jen stays with friends and enjoys her life. When Justin is in Los Angeles, he is very special to them. They socialize together with friends. They go to dinner or invite people to their house.

Apparently it was because they lived in different places

They decided to make their separation public to avoid speculation, but this is impossible, and there are several theories of why they divorce. A source revealed that in 2014 a fight caused Justin to leave the house in Los Angeles:

Encouraging Justin to spend all the time he wanted in New York is what condemned marriage. Jen thought that spending time without her would make Justin miss her.

According to the informant, Justin ended up living happier alone. In addition, their friends are in that city, not all were celebrities, among their friends there are writers, chefs, artists, tattoo artists, comedians, a very diverse group that is not found in L.A.

They tried, but it did not work

Jennifer moved to an apartment with him in the West Village for a while, but soon the neighbors began complaining about the harassment of the children. paparazzi. So she returned to Los Angeles along with Justin, who often returned to the Big Apple, leaving her alone; others argue that besides that were their different personalities. For her part, Jennifer is more relaxed and enjoys time with her friends, while Justin is lonely and introverted.

The last opportunity was in Cabo

The couple went on vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the initiative of actress Amanda Anka, to try to remedy their situation, a source confessed:

Jason Bateman's wife convinced Justin to go to Cabo. She has been the mediator for the past few months, trying to get Jen and Justin to work on their problems to save their marriage. The trip to Cabo was the last chance to solve their problems or end their marriage. They went with their friends waiting for it to work, but the boys and girls went separately in Mexico. It did not work

Jennifer celebrated her birthday with her friends

When the actress turned 49 she celebrated with her friends in Malibu, including Courtney Cox; Meanwhile, Justin was caught walking through the Big Apple. A sign that they were definitely separated.

Does Brad Pitt have anything to do with it?

The actor is without a partner and many argue that this is the reason for Aniston to be single again. In addition, Pitt asked public apologies to the actress and there are those who assure that they retaken their friendship, that she became her confidant and messages were sent. Will chance coincidences unite them again? Will it be a Selena and Justin style case?

A brief summary of their romance

Their relationship began in 2011 when they worked in Wanderlust, after multiple appointments the actor moved to the house of Aniston. At the beginning of 2012, the two acquired the mansion in Bel-Air and were married until 2015 in that same place. We will have to wait to see what happens with each one's life. Meanwhile, there are those who dream of Jennifer going back to Brad.

The Ugly Truth About Jennifer Anniston And Justin Theroux Split (August 2022)