Japanese princess renounces the royal title and the crown for love: she will marry a commoner


This is the story of a princess who descends from an ancestral lineage, heir to one of the most powerful empires on the planet, and who decided to give up everything and follow her path next to the love of her life. She is willing to become a commoner and leave behind her title, all for love.

It is not a fairy tale, Princess Mako of Japan is 25 years old, she is the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and has decided to marry Kei Komuro, her classmate, whom she met when they both studied at the International Christian University in Tokyo. In fact, Mako was the first member of the Imperial Family to attend a university.

A princess out of the ordinary

The princess's fiance works in a law firm and few details of his life are known: it is known that he had a difficult childhood after the death of his father, was raised by his mother and his grandfather, currently lies in the town of Yokohama and like the princess, play the violin and enjoy good cooking.

However, for the dream to come true, the princess must renounce her crown; the reason is that Kei is a commoner and the Japanese law, which governs royalty, requires that the members of the imperial royal house abandon their title if they wish to marry a mere mortal. This law only applies to women, men can marry plebeians, as did Crown Prince Naruhito. Mako did not hesitate a second to leave the crown and commit herself to the man she chose.

She knows what she wants

According to the imperial protocols, established in 1947, women can not aspire to the throne of the Chrysanthemum and lose their status by contracting a common marriage. Tradition dictates that the princess must receive compensation, the amount of which is determined by the state, for the loss of her title and once she is a common citizen, she must pay taxes.

Mako is the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino, second son of the emperor and second in the line of succession to the throne, after Prince Naruhito.

This situation worries the family

This is not the first time a similar situation has occurred, as Princess Sayako, Mako's aunt and only daughter of Emperor Akihito, renounced her title to marry a commoner in 2005.

The imperial family is reduced

This circumstance has worried the Japanese people, because the imperial family is getting smaller and smaller. Of 19 members, 14 are women, and the title of emperor can only be inherited by three men of this dynasty: Prince Naruhito, Prince Akishino and Prince Hisahito, only 10 years old.

Japanese Princess Mako Gives Up Royal Title To Marry Commoner (September 2020)