James McAvoy surprises with turned muscles; well that will be seen in Glass


James McAvoy is one of the best British actors, his interpretative capacity in Split he left us amazed and we loved his role as a faun in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. He usually looks like an intelligent and insightful young man as well as in his role as Charles Xavier in X Men.

He is the boy that conquers you for his good humor and sweet look, unlike other actors who call our attention for his physique. For Glass, his new film production, he has spent days training and sincerely he looks better than ever!

This is James McAvoy normally

At the beginning of the year, a bit more beefy

Now walking sensually through the streets of Philadelphia

Let's look a little closer

His arms and chest have increased considerably

The comments were immediate

What a pity! He can know our craziest fantasies

How not to pay attention to that great body

Definitely, seeing James makes us all happy

You're welcome, girls!

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