J.K. Rowling is NOT the author of the new books of the universe of Harry Potter


Recently the news that four other digital books of the saga of Harry Potter They would see the light thrilled the fans, who now look forward to being transported to the magical world once again. But, contrary to what was made to believe, J.K. Rowling is not the author of the project.

The announcement generated confusion and the writing of the eBooks of Harry Potter: A trip through to Rowling, so in his official website clarified the misunderstanding and assured that it was a kind of broken phone.

The series of four eBooks Non-fiction short films will be published by Pottermore Publishing, and are inspired by the British Library exhibition and its complementary books, Harry Potter: A story of magic. These do not contain new material by J.K. Rowling and they are short digital readings, each with Hogwarts lesson themes, with material adapted from the complementary audiobook by Natalie Dormer.

In addition, he said that they will be published in this format to make the content available in other languages ​​for the first time.

Although the texts were not written by the author, the legacy that the magical universe has left is undeniable, since it is one of the most popular sagas of all time with more than 500 million copies sold, which He secured a place in the list of the richest Forbes 2017, with a fortune of around 650 million dollars.

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