It's not that I can NOT find a man who loves me, it's that I do not find a man to love


It is a lie that women need to attract men. That they need the perfect skirt, a tempting lipstick, to be intelligent but seductive, attractive and at the same time youthful; be fun and witty, but not too nice In short, fit in the mold of the girl of man's dreams where the woman is the one who has to capture his love. Fortunately, that's not how it works, at least not for all the strong women I know. On the contrary, women who love themselves are not looking to adapt to a specific mold. They are not disguising their physique or their thoughts.

They know who they are, however, the problem is that they can not seem to find a man they can love. A man that is interesting and seduce them. A man who is worthy of his attention and his time.

This is the new dilemma: the plight of the single woman. It's not your problem anymore, but it's a problem. Women are no longer alone because something is wrong with them. They no longer feel lonely because they are undesirable or unattractive. Women are alone because nobody is good enough for them.

I'm not worried about impressing you; I'm worried that you do not impress me

I do not only know myself; I also love myself. I took the time to find out who I am and what I believe. Now I just have to find a man who has the same thoughts about himself.

I need a man who is not in the middle of an identity crisis. A man who knows what is worth without being idiotic or arrogant. A man who simply does not imitate my actions or limits my freedom because he can not handle a woman who has more strength and character than him.

I'm not worried about my views; I'm worried about yours

I know who I am and what I want. You, however, I'm not so sure. I know what I represent and what I believe. I have my opinions and my points of view. I am not looking for someone with the same ideas, but someone with points of view that I can respect and learn.

I do not want a man who can not have a conversation with me. I want a man that challenges and ignites passion and fire in my soul. Someone who is dedicated and inspired.

I'm not worried about my past; I'm worried about yours

I have my problems under control. I have my past, like everyone else, but I can understand and accept it; I can take it without regret because I left behind what was needed. I'm not pulling him, stumbling and denying he's there.

I need a man who does not come with a great past; that he is not thinking about his injuries and losses. I need a man who concentrates on the present and who has learned from his past, not just dragging him with him.

I do not worry about being alone; I worry about being with the wrong person

I can handle loneliness, in fact, I like to be alone. I prefer to be that I feel lonely and insecure. I am alone with pride and without fear.

I will not be in a relationship just because it is what is expected of me, nor will I settle for a man just because he is better than anyone. I need passion and the assurance that this relationship is almost as good as the one I have with myself, and that is something difficult to fulfill.

I do not care how I am in privacy; I'm worried about how you are

I do not care how I'm doing it, or if the night has gone well. I'm tired of asking if I was good for them: it's always good for them. What about me? What about my needs? What about making me feel the way I make you feel?

I am looking for a man who does not leave when he finishes. I need a man to move on because he finds pleasure in my bed; a man who does not think that sex ends when he is satisfied.

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