It's a matter of trust: 20 things that successful couples do differently


A lasting relationship is not easy. When making a decision, you should think about the other person. You have to be careful with his or her feelings. And at the same time, you have to look for your happiness.

Strong couples are, first of all, strong individuals, who are self-confident and, therefore, can afford to be vulnerable in a relationship.

A solid relationship depends on the understanding and appreciation that exists between the two people. You should look for a relationship with a person that makes you be smarter, better, and stronger.

Here the 20 things that strong couples do differently:

1. Avoid jealousy to your partner

When you are in a solid relationship, where both parties receive sufficient attention and care, there is no need to seek more attention, much less through a tactic as low level as jealousy.

Making your partner wonder about your level of commitment to the relationship fuels insecurity, and that's not what you're looking for in a relationship, is it?

2. They do not check the phone to the other

Having the need to check your partner's cell phone is a sign that you do not trust him or her. Once you start digging into your partner's phone, everything will get worse.

(On the other hand, do not say through text messages what you would not dare to say out loud, many times we get emboldened through a screen and in the end we end up repenting).

3. They are not conformist with the relationship

Even the most stable couples understand that you have to work hard for a relationship.

Strong couples strive day by day. They are grateful to have the other person by their side. They give space to growth and say I love you feeling it really.

4. They do not compare their relationship with the previous ones

When we compare, there will always be a winner and a loser. Just understand that each relationship is different, and what made one special, may not be so important in the other.

It is possible to have more than one successful relationship in life. Strong couples focus on the relationship they are currently in, not the past.

5. They do not share the status of their relationship on Facebook

If for you it is really important to put your marital status on social networks to validate the relationship, then, probably, you are not mature enough to be in a real one.

6. Do not insist on being together all day

Stable couples do not have the need to spend with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, they do not want to be together all the time. They know that it is important to continue to maintain their independence and their own interests outside of the relationship.

That means watching the movie you want with your friends, going out for a coffee or attending the gym by yourself. Be sure that your partner wants to enjoy his own life, and of course he wants you to do the same.

7. They avoid complaining about the other's faults

Strong couples know the other person's weaknesses, and instead of complaining and making them feel bad about it, they support them.

It may be that he is awful preparing a surprise, and you can never organize your schedule well, but instead of criticizing you accept, and that is what makes the relationship work.

8. They do not seek to change the other

You fell for him or her for a reason, not to see it as a project. Solid couples do not seek to change the appearance of the other person. Or make it more expressive or less talkative.

Happy couples are in love with the person in front of them.

9. They will never compete with each other

There is a huge difference between challenging your partner and competing with him or her. When you propose a challenge, both seek to be a better person. But, when they compete, someone has to lose.

It is not about who bought the dinner, or who chose where to go out, but about making your partner happy and happy, but selflessly.

10. Things are not prohibited

Restrictions limit growth in a relationship. Establishing rules that prohibit certain things from each other will only cause them to feel mutual resentment.

We know perfectly well that you do not want to see your girlfriend go out on the street with excessively short shorts, just as she does not want to hear that you went out with your ex to have a coffee, but they have to be completely sure of their partner to avoid restrictions.

11. They will not soften the truth

They are a strong couple because together they built that strength. That means they will always be honest with each other, even if it is not what they want to hear.

12. Never insult the other's family

Feeling comfortable enough to insult your partner's family, is like thinking it's okay to make critical comments about the weight, or the physical appearance of him or her.This is only acceptable when the person next to you does it.

13. They do not spend it asking where the other person is

Solid couples do not need to be in touch all the time. They are not consumed by the idea of ​​what the other person is doing or distrusting where they are.

14. Do not get drunk to like you more

In truth you can enjoy much more of the other person being totally sober and attentive.

15. They do not need to be together all the time

The fact that you spend all day with your partner does not mean that you have a solid relationship. The ability to separate from one another makes their ties stronger.

Nobody likes that couple who can not be separated for a second. It's too much. It is not genuine. In a relationship it is just as important to stay close to your friends and family members than to your partner.

16. Physical affection is never denied

The sexual component in a relationship is just as important as the emotional part.

17. They will never publicly humiliate themselves

Humiliating your partner, especially when there are other people, and doing it on purpose, is definitely a reason to break the relationship. There are ways to express yourself, and there are also ways of not doing it.

18. They do not compare their relationship with other

When you compare your relationship with others, there will always be times when they will fall short.

Strong couples do not base their value on what happens to the outside world. They focus on themselves and know that what they have is good.

19. Do not get angry without reasons

Successful couples have the ability to talk about what bothers them, without being afraid of how the other person will react.

Feeling angry without giving your partner an explanation is not fair at all.

20. Do not go to bed alone

Even if they are not physically together, they are always in their hearts.

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