It goes viral for its antiselfies in famous places


The selfies They are the bread of every day and they have become an obsession to such an extent that we can not stop sharing everything we do to show others a small part of our lives. But every current has its countercurrent.

STEFDIES travels the world to take pictures pretending to be dead in famous places like Notre Dame or the Golden Gate. Their antiselfies They may seem like a simple mockery of self-portraits, but beyond that they pretend to be a reminder of how beautiful life is and that we should worry about living the moment instead of trying to give a certain image to our virtual friends.

1. Notre Dame, France

2. Arles, France

3. Beach of Myrtos, Greece

4. Cueva Grande, Spain

5. Kötlujökull Glacier, Iceland

6. Cathedral of Monopoli, Italy

7. Wynn Theater, United States

8. Amalfi Coast, Italy

9. Faro Capo Circeo, Italy

10. Sardinia, Italy

11. South Platte River, United States

12. Altar of the Fatherland, Italy

13. Arthouse Gallery 1, London

14. Eiffel Tower, France

15. Source of Corsica, France

16. Ugly Duck Gallery, England

17. Tuileries Garden, France

18. Disneyland

19. Seine River, France

20. Cliff Seven Sisters, United Kingdom

21. Golden Gate, United States

The Anti-Selfie™ Song (Official Music Video) - Major. (April 2021)