IPN students create an anti-stress gum

Students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) developed Coffe Gin, an anti-stress gum for those who suffer the so-called XXI century disease chronically.

The students of Biochemical Engineering of the National School of Biological Sciences of IPN, Lesly Figueroa, Brenda Hernández and Mario López included ginseng among the ingredients of chewing gum, a component of traditional Chinese medicine recognized for its diverse properties, among them increasing levels of energy and help brain function.

Therefore, its creators have said, Coffe Gin is an adjuvant to prevent cellular aging, since its antioxidant power acts against free radicals. In addition, it contains caffeine in a controlled dose, which together with ginseng improves performance and helps reduce stress levels.

Currently anti-stress chewing gum is not for sale, but it is expected to be released soon. The creators of this candy have expressed their intention to be a different option to the many commercial energizers that currently exist and that can cause damage to health.

Coffe Gin has no side effects and was developed based on official standards and quality standards.

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