Internet talks about the extra kilos of Rihanna and her fans have a lot to say about it


For many, the girls of the show must stay within certain sizes; however, some of them have forgotten these stereotypes and have taken a break from diets and training, without doing any drama.

Rihanna is one of them and it seems that the girl from Barbados most loved by the fashion world, has gained a few kilos and walks them with a lot of pride, wearing tight clothes and demonstrating her good emotional state by ignoring negative opinions.

Rihanna has taken a too controversial decision

Rihanna has been a topic of conversation on the Internet due to an evident weight gain that has led her to be the target of criticism. The singer was photographed in the streets of New York with her new body.

Many people said comments like: it looks like she has eaten quite well and she is sure she is pregnant.

His latest photographs have been the target of destructive criticism

The controversy unleashed a post published in a Blog of sports, written by Chris Spags, who attracted the wrath of all Internet to question if Rihanna was going to put in tendency the fatness, accompanied by a photography with an unflattering angle.

The author argues that he regrets the loss of the singer's thin body and writes about how he expects Rihanna to be pregnant, because if a woman has gained weight, it is better to have a baby growing in her.

The love of their fans and her confidence keeps her standing

Immediately Blog was invaded by various comments, some in favor of the commentator and its publication and others who defended Riri for your decision.

However we love her with all our heart

Rihanna is the best example of what confidence and self-love mean, she is not afraid of criticism or showing her body, for that reason we love her and defend her.

Also his new body with turned legs does not feel bad.

Internet habla de los kilos extra de Rihanna y sus fans tienen mucho que decir al respecto (January 2021)