Internet is obsessed with this controversial technique to remove pimples


The tricks that teach us to cleanse our skin never cease to amaze us, this time, the users of Instagram They are going crazy with a magical trick, the extraction of black spots with dental floss.

The instagrammer Sukhi Mann, is known for giving the best tips of beauty, from creating a bricolage on the lips to aspirin masks to combat acne. But his latest suggestion has become so popular that he has received more than a million visits. She uses two disposable toothpicks to scrape the black dots and remove them forever from her face.

This is how this simple method works

Use a damp towel and put it on your skin for five minutes to open the pores. Then floss over the section of skin where you want to remove the black spots, then clean the area. To finish apply a tonic and a moisturizer.

Is it a safe method?

According to New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, the flossing method can be effective in removing blackheads that are not as deeply rooted.

If the stitches do not come out, do not increase the pressure or use something more sharp like nails, because you can, damage, irritate and leave a scar on your skin.

Be careful!

In the video Mann applies mouthwash as a tonic, however before applying it to your skin carefully read the ingredients with which it is made. If you have methyl salicylate and ethanol, it is an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant that you could consider using; but if it contains methanol, it could cause a strong dermatitis, that is, a very serious allergic reaction.

So if you decide to try the dental floss method, better use a tonic or rose water. Also make sure to consult a trained professional to tell you the risks of doing this type of house cleaning.

The fact that it is an effective method does not mean that you have to prove it. Instead, clean your face with creams that are special for the skin.

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