Internet helps a girl to end her relationship with a controlling boy


Any relationship in which one of the people exercises control over the other is a toxic relationship, and we have to understand that the controlling person will hardly change. It is best to flee as quickly as possible before the situation gets worse.

Ciara Berhrens, a Twitter user, posted several screenshots in her account showing one of her friends asking her boyfriend for permission to go out and he was forbidden to do so. Desperate, Ciara published the images with the text retuitea if you think that my friend should leave this guy, hoping that the answers would open his eyes.

One of the first warning signs is to feel that you should ask your partner for permission to leave

They use emotional blackmail to make the other feel guilty

It's not normal for your partner to forbid you from doing what you want

First of all are you, nobody else

And then the Internet came together to try to open its eyes

All the same thought joined

Leave it alone

But there were people defending the indefensible

Luckily there were others who were ready to shut mouths

The controller makes you feel afraid

Do not ignore the warning signs and escape before it's too late


Then came the good news: I LEFT IT!

Obsessive, jealous and controlling relationships are NOT healthy

What starts as something harmless can end very badly

Get rid of everything that hurts you

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