Internet company converts children's drawings into TRUE stuffed animals


Imagine how you would feel if your most extravagant fantasy was brought to real life. That is probably the way a child feels when his drawings of strange and wonderful characters are turned into stuffed toys by the Budsies company.

The founder of, Alex Furmansky, has reported for several sites how his company started, in addition to sharing some of the designs in his Instagram account. The stuffed animals are hypoallergenic and measure 16 inches (a little more than 40 centimeters) in height. They are based on drawings of children and one or another playful adult.

The first Budsies were made for my younger sister Michelle explains Furmansky. The first was called Dongler. The second was a four-legged duck she called Footsie. Then we made some for our friends and family. The children and their parents loved it, so they began to expand.

My favorite projects are those that have a history behind; those that really have an impact on the recipient's family. For example, we had a family in which the child underwent cancer treatments and drew a picture of his mother as a superhero.

Again we did a Budsies selfie from a military dad, so his son could give him a hug when he was away from home. Or that of a grandmother who died and who was given to the mother to help her cry.

We Made Kids' Drawings Come to Life, the Result Is Hilarious! (January 2021)