Indonesian village ceases to be a gray place and becomes the Rainbow Village

Kampung Pelangi is a small town located in Randusari, Indonesia, which has decided to detonate tourism in the area. The local government invested 23 thousand dollars in the positioning campaign that changed the name of the former grayish town of Kampung Wonosari to that of Aldea del Arcoiris (Kampung Pelangi) and adorned with colors every space in the city.

The town is attracting attention with its 223 houses that show in their facades rainbow tones and images of balloons, friendly monsters or geometrical drawings of a thousand shapes.

Community effort

To achieve the effect, each building was painted in three or more colors, from ceilings to doors and windows, and to the public spaces and street furniture was also given the rainbow treatment.

The transformation was the responsibility of the community, in conjunction with the Indonesian Builders Association and the mayor of Semarang.

Immediate results

The initiative has had a positive impact on the local economy and the small businesses of the inhabitants.

Tourists have arrived and their photos are flooding the networks, especially Instagram.

The specialized sites in trips to Indonesia already integrated in their catalogs this peculiar and colorful town.

And each space has become a blank canvas for artists and young creators.

What follows

Only the floor of the streets remains gray and the local government is considering investing to paint the rest of the houses and clean the river that crosses the village.

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