Inaugurate cinemas where you can take your pet


In the state of Texas, in the United States of America, the K9 Cinemas concept emerged, the movie theaters to which you can be accompanied by your dog.

After sending your veterinary card to verify that you have your vaccinations up to date, the man's best friend can enjoy a function in facilities specially adapted for your comfort. They also have a snack shop where your human can buy from croquettes and a toy, to a pool or orthopedic bed.

Of course the owners of the dogs also have options to enjoy, since in addition to snacks in the candy store, they get for their ticket free bar of refreshment -if it is minor-, wine or whiskey. The entrance for the humans has a cost of 12.50 dollars and for the canines it is of five dollars.

To date, the cinema has registered full-length films in each screening; and although it has a total of 60 seats, it only sells 25 spaces per function to ensure that the furry ones are comfortable. Each person can take a maximum of two dogs, which must be taken to a backyard installed ex profeso to relieve themselves.

These new spaces dog friendly they have concrete floors and wide spaces between rows of seats. According to its founder, Eric Lankfort, the concept is expected to expand rapidly not only in cities of the United States, but throughout the world, which will surely happen as the culture of sharing daily activities with pets increasingly extends.

At the moment, the projected films are not premieres of the film industry, but famous classics like My poor angel Y Alf.

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