In order not to present exam, girl pretends chickenpox and is painted with permanent down


When we were little, getting sick and missing school felt like a vacation: our moms spoiled us, we stayed in bed watching television and, no matter our ailments, it was great not to go to class to save us, even if it was a day, from homework .

The little Lily Schooley, six, wanted a day of freedom and avoid her spelling test, so she had a crazy idea to fail (or so she thought): she pretended to be sick with chickenpox!

The idea came up after watching a video on YouTube called 10 ways to miss school and to remember that some of his classmates did not go to class because they had contracted the disease. It was the perfect excuse!

Lily had everything coldly calculated: she asked her mother for a red pen because she had homework to do and 10 minutes later she was mysteriously ill. But the little girl did not count on the fact that her mom's down was permanent and that since she had already contracted the disease in the past, it was impossible for her to have it again.

It lasted four days with the spots

Her parents followed suit and prepared to take her to the doctor, but Lily had no plans to go to school or consult, so she ran to the bathroom to wash her body and show that everything was a lie, but the little red dots they did not disappear!

The next day we had to send it with a letter to clarify that the spots were not real, but we could not get rid of them. We use bath gel, soap, hot water, baby oil, wipes with alcohol. I think it was the hairspray that eliminated the down after four days.

The plan did not work out the way he wanted and in the end, in addition to lasting four days with red dots all over his body, he had to present his exam. Without a doubt children are very witty!

NS119 ORI MAY 2019 (April 2021)