If you want your relationship to last, you should only see your partner once a week


It is common that during the first stage of falling in love we contemplate our partner as a perfect being, capable of brightening our days and giving us peace with just a smile, that is why we want to spend as much time as possible by their side.

However, and although it hurts to admit it, spending a lot of time with them is not as healthy as we think; In fact, science says that if you want your relationship to be successful you should only see your boy once a week.

According to the psychiatrist Scott Carroll, the human being needs to be fulfilled and feel free to fall deeply in love. To reinforce this theory, psychologist Seth Meyers explains that spending excessive time with your partner could lead to dependency. The fact is that we need our own space to reach maturity and thus love in a conscious way.

Therefore, both specialists recommend that couples only have appointments once a week, so that each individual has their own personal space.

In addition, being together only once a week brings various benefits such as:

  • Avoid a broken heart: if you can keep the meetings strictly one to two times a week, the intensity of something that does not work will be reduced.
  • Intensify the curiosity: in each encounter they will have much to talk about, so much that the spark will be on every time they see each other.
  • You will not be the bad friend of the fairy tale: you will not have to cancel the movies outings with your friends or family meals, because you can find the perfect balance between one exit and another without any concern.

You will have time to reflect

It is easy to get carried away by the heart, but the mind is the one that keeps our feet on the ground; having a moment alone will help you reflect on every appointment and where your relationship is going.

Remember that relationships are not pink clouds, but a couple of people sharing qualities, defects and thoughts, that at some point will collide, causing discussions that must be resolved from love, maturity and freedom.

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