If you refuse to accept your age, you may have mirodexia

The term chavorruco It applies to all those elderly people who usually dress or act according to the current fashion, usually younger what they

An example is when a man -and of a certain age- tries to link girls who are younger in the den, using the language that characterizes today's youngsters and also uses clothes that may no longer go with the image who projects from someone mature; or when an older woman makes use of short skirts or necklines that usually embarrass her daughters, who avoid at all costs to take their friends home so as not to have an embarrassing moment.

In the case of the female sector, experts say that it is more complicated to accept that time has passed and believe that you can still act as if you were a teenager or a young woman, mainly when you reach 50 years. This does not mean it's wrong for there to be free-spirited women and they feel comfortable like that, but not accepting age or wanting eternal youth can become a term known as midorexia.

Midorexia is the new crisis of middle age, a name created by the British columnist Shane Watson, who explains:

It refers to women who, when they turn 50, will run to buy their first pair of leather pants without wondering why they had not used them before.

The danger of this is triggered when women not only wear clothes that they had never before contemplated, but also when there is an obsession to get rid of age through surgeries, miracle products or with an excessive exercise routine that can have strong repercussions on health .

The concern to look good is natural and healthy; it becomes pathological when it becomes the center of life, to the detriment of other, more transcendental things. Life begins to revolve around the theme of the façade, with a mechanism similar to that which occurs in phobias or addictions.

Dr. Enrique Jadresic, psychiatrist and former president of the Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery of Chile.

Although midorexia is not considered a disorder, it is a phenomenon that is calling attention to mental health specialists.

Experts in medicine express that it is not a disease, but, if it grows, it can represent the onset of low self-esteem or stronger problems such as bulimia and anorexia, as well as a pathological manifestation of excessive competition with younger people or a bad envy taken.

For the director of the Chilean Society for the Study of Eating Disorders, Patricia Cordella, a woman of 50 or older is very vulnerable in how others see her. It is important to say that midorexia is not exclusive to women, also men can fall into it.

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