If you're not talking to strangers, you're missing out on the world


Most of us have a habit of avoiding people who are unknown. We all do it Despite the fact that we are constantly surrounded by other people, we choose to block our mind in front of a group of strangers, feign indifference doing any activity that isolates us, including taking out the cell phone or any other device, fixing our eyes on it and concentrating on I do not know how many things.

But this process is actually making us individuals less aware of what is redoing us.

Human beings are social creatures. We grow through the connection with the other members of our species. This has always been the case.

But today there is a reason why many people experience a deep sense of isolation while living in one of the largest cities in the world. Loneliness is not a physical state, it is a perspective that implies exhaustion, indifference, emptiness, depression, discontent. And communication is the strongest antidote to all those feelings.

There is beauty in storing a good conversation and taking it with us to be able to return to it whenever we want.

Your mind is a treasure that must be well supplied and is a part of you that the world can not interfere with. Frank McCourt, novelist and American professor.

Store in your mind gratifying conversations, inspiring words, shared experiences or a simple greeting, is that treasure. Regardless of whether you are extroverted, introverted, or both (it is a real thing), you can benefit from talking to strangers.

You never know if starting a conversation with a new person could simply lead to having a better day, meeting a new friend or even a relationship that could become important in your life.

Talking to a stranger is like traveling: it allows you to traverse unknown territory; It is a trip to the mind of a person and there is nothing more fascinating than the human brain. In this sense, the possibilities of learning from others have no limits, it is as vast as the universe itself.

In short, talking to a stranger can show you a world that you did not know existed. Our perspectives are limited by our experiences, talking to someone else is taking a step outside of your own mind.

Random conversations are good for the soul

Recent research shows that talking to strangers can definitely make us happier.

Behavioral experts Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder conducted a study in which they asked a group of subway passengers in Chicago to do something indescribable: talk to another human being. The researchers offered these people $ 5 gift cards redeemable at Starbucks as a bonus for their participation.

A group of participants were asked to act in a normal manner during the trip in the train car, which meant that they did not talk to anyone; another was asked to converse with some stranger; a last group was not given any explicit instructions.

Interestingly, extroverted people did not impact the results in any way. The experiment revealed that both introverts and extroverts reported being happier after talking to someone else during the trip.

The researchers pointed out that this seems to suggest that people have a very distorted perception of what really makes them happy. We are making the mistake of assuming that other people would not enjoy talking to us, but when a simple conversation starts, it could positively change our entire day.

When you stop to think about it, it is strange that any of us suppose that we will be happier avoiding other people, without taking into account the context. We are designed to be social, that is what makes us human, or as Aristotle once said:

Man is a social being by nature since he can not live isolated and without social contact; that man who despises life in society can only be superhuman as a god or a hero, or infrahuman.

The next time you feel like starting a conversation with a person at random, do not fight against it. Communication is one of the great gifts of life. Do not waste it.

Connecting with others is vital for our survival

The social connection is a necessity. Our brain requires it. We formulate our own identities through social bonds.

In fact, there is a powerful reason why we instinctively crave a community: we would not survive without it. Like the blog The Atlantic public:

Just as we humans have a basic need for food and shelter, we also have a basic need to belong to a group and form relationships.

Having strong social ties is as good for you as quitting smoking. Connecting with other people, even in the most basic ways, also makes you happier.

In fact, we all want to feel that we belong to a social group, and the conversations help enormously with this effort. Isolation leads to despair and confusion. Do not hide from other people: you must open up to the world and all its inhabitants.

We are a dynamic matrix of interconnected human beings, and a conversation with a stranger is a celebration of that beautiful fact.

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