If you love to drink coffee and beer your parents could be responsible


If the taste for coffee - as well as for beer - is very dominant, do not be alarmed, it is not the fault of the consumer but of the parents.

Marilyn Cornelis, a scientist at Northwestern University, conducted a study and the result was that the preference for such beverages has to do with genetics and that is related to the psychoactive components of these beverages, that is, when drinking coffee and beer people feel good and that is the reason why they continue to consume.

In the study there was a classification of bitter and sweet beverages, and approximately 336 thousand people participated in tasting certain portions. Then, Cornelis undertook the search of variants at genetic level that could have to do with the selection in the taste for certain flavors, and found that variants with the FTO gene prefer sugar drinks and also have less risk of obesity, ie that not necessarily those who possess this gene must be overweight.

It is important to mention that this gene is common in morbid obesity and is preferably attributed to the individual genetic profile.

In the digital magazine www.medigraphic.org.mx, the article was published in 2013 Genetic influence on food preferences, where the genetic, environmental and gene factors for certain flavors are explained.

So if you like the way that coffee or alcohol makes you feel, you should know that you drink it because of the above and not because of the foaming taste.

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