If you are single, it may be the fault of your intelligence


If you are intelligent, fun, hardworking and confident of yourself, men could see you as a threat and that is why it is difficult for you to find a partner.

Women understand that we do not need a man to be complete and feel fulfilled. With this we do not mean that we do not want them or that we see them as unnecessary beings, but that having a boy by our side lies in wanting and not needing. But apparently this feeling of self-sufficiency scares them.

Men prefer dating women who do not challenge their intelligence

A study conducted by the Warsaw School of Economics subjected 500 students from Columbia University to a session of speed dating. The decisive criteria for inviting a person to leave were how attractive or intelligent they seemed.

Both women and men preferred those who were handsome and smart, but women were willing to sacrifice appearance as long as there was intelligence, while for men a high intellect left points of attraction, because they felt their masculinity diminished.

Confidence is seen differently between men and women

Experts in gender studies Melissa J. Williams and Larissa Tiedens explained that strong and self-confident men are approved by their peers in the workplace, but women with these characteristics are seen as cocky and unpleasant.

They also affirm that this reality is projected beyond the work environment, because society is rooted in the construction that men must be assertive and protective, while we must be affectionate and submissive.

This type of research does not intend to affirm that all men feel intimidated by intelligent and strong women, but, in many cases, there is a pattern when choosing a partner and this inclines them to fear being related to independent girls.

If you are someone strong and you have not found a partner, do not despair and do not give up your way of being. The right person will arrive on time and will love you as you are without feeling overshadowed by your brain and personality.

Woman single at 50? Must be men's fault! (September 2020)