If someone shows you a black dot drawn in the palm of your hand, call the police!


For many years, thousands of women have suffered in silence from domestic violence. Although some men can also be violated by their partner, they are the main victims.

Most people believe that domestic violence is only about physical and verbal aggression, but it is not. Behind the blows there is something much worse, something that destroys the victims and does not allow them to get out of that hell they live in every day: psychological violence. Through it the aggressor manipulates the victim so that he does not speak or express the situation that he is living, then everything becomes a vicious circle. That is why, through social networks, the black point campaign has been launched.

Black Dot Campaing (Black dot campaign) is an initiative that helps victims of domestic violence to ask for help in a subtle way, without having to talk.

The main objective of this movement is that through a simple point drawn in the palm of the hand, the victims can alert about their situation without their aggressor noticing. At the same time, it aims to recognize who is a victim of intrafamily abuse. In both cases, who receives the alert or realizes, can call the police, to emergencies, to any other instance of protection and help.

This campaign has gained strength in social networks, especially Facebook. Just upload a picture of the point in the palm of your hand so that agencies, relatives, friends, centers, doctors, hospitals, other users, can recognize that the person needs help, but can not ask for it.

Many times, the victims know that they are not alone and that the help will be given as soon as they ask for it. But, at the same time, the aggressors also know that, and maintain strict vigilance over their victims. Sometimes, they can restrict the use of the telephone, cell phone and internet. Therefore, the black point is a subtle way for the victim to shout: Help, I'm in danger!

This is how the Black Point Campaign began

This campaign was launched by Danielle Tredgett, a survivor of domestic abuse who experienced physical, emotional and sexual violence. Remembering how the fear and constant vigilance of his aggressor had prevented him from seeking help for years, he was inspired to launch this project.

She wanted to find a symbol that was simple, discreet, easy to do and erase with which another could be alerted, and that's how #BlackDotCampaing was born.

Since then thousands of people and associations against domestic violence have joined and spread through social networks this new aid code, in order to save millions of people who are living this terrible situation.

What should you do when you detect a person with this point?

The main thing is to learn to recognize the real victims of violence. Unfortunately, some people still do not understand the danger that people are running and they like to play tricks on people posing as a victim when in reality they are not.

When you detect a person in a self-conscious attitude, that in a hidden way shows a point in the palm of your hand, the first thing you should do is to stay calm, not to be surprised or change your attitude. It just acts natural.

You must be observant, memorize what the person and his companion is like, how they are dressed, what they are doing, if they have any particular sign, anything that the police can quickly identify them with. As soon as you can, call the authorities and alert the situation. Do not be afraid to do it, remember that with just one call you can save a person's life.

After the emergency call keep alert, but distant. Do not try to do anything on your own, because you can complicate the situation. Remember that the objective of the campaign is to alert the authorities.

Maybe this campaign seems unimportant, but think for a second that it could be you who is in this situation of danger. Or your mom, or your little sister. Any loved one Would not you like them to receive the necessary help?

Share this article so that more and more people will know the meaning of the black dot and thus be able to save more victims of domestic violence.

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