If I was ENGAGED once, 5 reasons why I will NOT give you a second chance

There is an old saying: forgive and forget but why should we do it? Do we really feel the need to forgive and keep in our lives the people who hurt us?

In the world there are individuals who are poisonous; that play and hurt. It is to them that I refer: should we give second chances to this type of person? Of course, only you can decide who you keep in your life, but if you follow your instinct of conservation you will realize that there are those who have hurt you and will continue to do so.

These are some reasons why it is not good to give a second chance to someone who hurts you:

1. If you hurt me again, it will be my fault

If you hurt me once it will be your fault, but if a second happens, I will be responsible because I allowed it.

It is likely that the first time a person stabs you in the back you have not seen it coming, but there is no excuse for the second time you do not realize. If you forgive someone after they hurt you, you will only be exposed to that person doing it again.

2. Because now I know what you are capable of doing

Once someone has done terrible things to you when you supposedly worried them, the natural thing is to destroy your trust in them or in them. You must take these harmful people away from your life quickly.

3. Because when they break your heart, it never really heals

A broken heart can eventually be repaired. With tears and a long time the wounds will disappear, but that heart will no longer be the same. It will always have scars. Do you think it would be good to give another opportunity to who broke it?

4. Because he does not deserve it

If the trust is broken, it is because in the first place that other person was never worthy of it. Honestly, it's not that hard to be a good friend. If someone who claims to be does not treat you with the respect you deserve, then it is not worthwhile.

5. Because it is not possible to forgive when you can not forget

Although some people say that we forgive but we do not forget and most of the women enjoy an excellent memory, it would be a waste of time to keep by your side those who behave in a harmful way over and over again (even if it is only bad for you).

Not giving a second chance is a smart decision that will help you detoxify your life.

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