I wanted a cake of Mariah Carey, get one with the picture of Marie Curie


Fulfilling years is an important event in life and one always wants to celebrate with a party, surrounded by friends and a delicious cake. This was just what Siobhan wanted and she had only one small requirement: as a staunch fan, she asked that her cake be Mariah Carey's. But there was a little problem because his British friends did not understand his Canadian accent and they sent him to make a cake of Marie Curie!

With a Twitter publication, Siobhan's cousin, Harriet Alida Lye, shared the anecdote that emerged from the language barriers and ended up being so funny that she has been retweeted more than 45 thousand times and received around 212 thousand likes.

My cousin, who lives in England, told her classmates that she wanted a birthday cake from Mariah Carey. But they misunderstood and this is the cake they gave him. It's a very festive Marie Curie!

People ask for everything

This is an unforgivable mistake!

The jokes nerds they did not wait

Very at The Big Bang Theory

It looks radian!

Sorry, but the joke had to be done

When they asked Mariah Carey what she thought about it

I do not know her

Well, seriously, this is what the singer said

Happy and radiant birthday!

Mariah Carey fan gets birthday cake with Marie Curie's face on (September 2020)