I'm not angry. Only that's how my FACE is


When I saw my image after recording a television segment, I watched my mouth curl slightly downward, my brow furrowed and my lips a little tight; my eyes looked forward, without focusing on anyone in particular. She looked bored, angry and skeptical at the same time. The message he transmitted was: he dies.

At that moment I thought of many other women who suffer from a calamity known as resting bitch face (RBF by its acronyms), hardly translatable into Spanish (face of a witch at rest? Cruel, serious, unpleasant face at rest?) And formerly called bitchy resting face, with its equivalent for men: asshole resting face ( Imbecile face, idiot, at rest?). About the problem was a video on YouTube, where three women and three men explained what happened because of their facial expression.

Of course, celebrities, constantly exposed to the spotlight, have been easy targets of the qualifier. A face of RBF is perceived as angry, irritated or simply expressionless. You probably have someone who is very focused on your thoughts, or who may not be thinking about anything at all.

Actress Anna Kendrick wrote on Twitter: Is there a filter on Instagram that fixes a Bitchy Resting Face? , referring to his appearance on a television show where he looked just like that. And it is not the first time that the cameras capture it with that expression.

OMG! Kendrick said, what's wrong with me?

Other celebrities who can not avoid that calm expression of disgust or evil are Kristen Stewart and Victoria Beckham. Of both there are images with ironic phrases.

Smiling causes wrinkles. A resting bitch face it keeps you beautiful

I was born with a Resting Bitch Face. Become the idea

However, Anna Paquin, also defined as RBF, says that this happens when you are caught off guard and you are not smiling, and it seems that you are angry all the time or that you want to kill someone.

Such an expression can be useful in a bar full of people, if you need a kind of armor to avoid unwanted gallants, for example. But it is also a problem, which affects as the adjective bitch it indicates it to the feminine half of the world, so much so that it has become the subject of multiple communities on Facebook formed mainly by women.

Some people wonder how important such an expression is in the workplace, for example. Or who has resorted to the plastic surgeon to lift the corners of the lips. Or Botox to eliminate a frown. Unfortunately human beings make judgments based on clues given by the face, so the problem can affect a person of any age.

For Nora, a young woman from Florida, the fight began in kindergarten, when the school principal called her to her office because she thought she looked unhappy. From that day until he left school, he would continue to tell Nora every time he saw her: Smile, Nora!

There are women who train their faces taking pictures and learning to look more cheerful. It's true that as we get older we look more grumpy, to say the least, but there are many severe cases of young people who look mean, angry, and give a false perception about their mood.

People say that I have a resting bitch face.

There are even studies that have determined that women tend to smile more than men, and not necessarily because they are happier (in fact, women suffer higher rates of depression) but because of social or work issues. For example, more women work in the service sector, where smiling is an advantage and even a requirement. Some men, to our disgrace, consider a woman to be less sexually attractive than one who looks friendly.

In short: all women are worried that they think we are biting. Maybe we just bark. But who has the energy to smile at everyone, all day?

i'm not angry ' This is just my face!! & من عصبانی نیستم "این فقط چهره من است (January 2021)