I'm not a BITCH, it's just my face: 7 problems that girls with INEXPRESSIVE faces will understand


The girl bitch face (bitch face or RBF Real Bitch Face) is a pest that increases throughout Generation Y. Having a face that shows hostility and harshness can affect anyone of any race, age or class but is mainly found in the female species.

Girls with RBF combined with an introverted personality would seem to be the worst. Actually, they have a very busy mind: they are thoughtful, creative and very good listeners. Unfortunately, their facial expression condemns them to surround themselves with an aura of inaccessible curmudgeon. There are a lot of misconceptions about these girls, as they are usually antisocial. Do not rush to label the silence with an expression of disgust (yes, sounds complicated) as belonging to an RBF. Think of these battles that only introverts with the face of few friends have to fight.

1. When you make new friends, they tell you: At first I thought you did not like them

This is followed by a you always look unpleasantly. They are often told, condescendingly: I did not know what you thought of me because you did not say anything.

They do not do it on purpose. They can not avoid their natural facial expressions, nor can they control them. What are they supposed to do, shout from the rooftop that you like them?

TIP: Introverted people do NOT stand out in the use of body language

2. You are always seen as the difficult girl to read

If you think about it, it makes sense. Usually, they keep their thoughts to themselves. Considering your RBF, it is a relief to protect your true emotions about humanity.

They may be excited about something, but they have the same expression as when someone is thinking of banging their heads against the wall. They know the difference for themselves, but everyone else only sees their classic bitch face.

3. Presentations are hell

In the first place, the introverted woman knows only what to say to begin with. Then, on his face appears the message of I do not want to be here or around you (which is how you interpret his expression). Thus, the environment drops 110 percent in almost every situation.

Girls like this live with the uncomfortable feeling that moving among complete strangers is their natural talent.

4. At any time on any day someone will think you are upset with him or her

Introverts + RBF need time alone to recharge their batteries and feel like they really do. They enjoy it, it's nothing personal, so they do not always respond to phones right away. This does NOT mean that you are intentionally ignoring someone.

5. If you do not want to see yourself as miserable, the effort is exhausting

For some strange reason, there are those who think it's totally fine to tell you that it would not hurt to sketch a smile.

The introverted, hostile face simply responds with a fake smile and walks away. Saying is my usual face, it does not really help them, so they keep to themselves and others, what do they care? In addition, the limited number of times they have tried to sketch a smile, simply does not work, so they just have to resign themselves to the bitch face that others have decided they have.

6. People outside your group of friends think you are a complete snob

Introverts are more observant than anything else. They collect information about the environment and the people in it, analyze it and feel comfortable. On the other hand, they are well aware of their defect and would love to have a switch to turn off their RBF.

7. Your true emotions emerge when you are involved in something that you are passionate about

The light at the end of the tunnel? That when you manage to express your endearing thoughts those you have buried inside your mind and say a compliment to someone, he or she will automatically know that what you say is genuine. (You would not say something if it were not true, because you do not say anything at all, to begin with.)

The first time you open your mouth, people will expect someone with the syndrome bitch face as you throw a series of insults formulated to sound harmless, but the kind words that come from your mouth, what a wonder! They can really put a smile on someone's face.

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