I hoped to capture a miracle; he portrayed the hardest moment of his life


Having a pet allows you to know unconditional love, in addition to finding an adventurous companion and support in sadness, because who has not cried with your dog or cat when they have broken your heart? They simply become one more member of the family.

Unfortunately, the age for them happens faster than for us and in many occasions, we have to watch them leave. This is what happened in the life of Jasmina Povse, who faced the death of her faithful friend in a very particular way.

I was on a rescue mission for dogs in Croatia and when I entered the shelter I saw her, small and scared. Two weeks later, I came back, I saw that I was still there. She was really in bad shape. It took a month to get up, but it was worth it.

Lilly was her first dog, her first love

When he adopted her, he suffered from asthma attacks

Having Lilly had to take long walks in the morning

This activity improved his health notably

He left his medications and breathed normally

I had also found a new best friend

In 2016 Lilly began to have health problems

He spent several days at the vet

Finally she was diagnosed with cancer in the liver

Every day was an endless struggle

But she never gave up

He went through hundreds of tests and visited many veterinarians

He never complained, he played with his classmates

I loved the mimes and gifts

During her illness, Jasmina took some photos

She was hoping to capture a miracle

An incredible and speedy recovery

I did not accept the idea of ​​losing Lilly so soon

Although he kept the faith, his requests did not arrive in time

Lilly lost the battle against cancer

She left gaps in the hearts of those who knew her

And saying goodbye has not been easy

She will be in my heart and in my skin forever.

How to Fight Through the Worst of Times | Michael Crossland | Goalcast (September 2020)