I have a small DAUGHTER, that's why I'm ALWAYS stunning


Everyone knows that some parents are willing to do anything to see their children happy, especially if it is a small daughter. It does not matter that they wear bows on their beards or that they have makeup and shine all over their faces, thanks to their daughters they will always look stunning.

1. Drying and makeup

15June15: one thing u cant runaway from! Being ur daughter's daddy doll ??? janggut pun kena hairdry ?? siap draw eyebrow lagi! Good job #alisyacamila haha. Mommy daddy dah nak sleep now day tgh buat drama dgn pony day plak? #daddyankee #fatherhood #daddysgirl #theterribletwo #qt #lefty #lefthanded

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2. Dad, your nails will be very nice after this

3. We use the same color of lips and eyes. How do we look?

4. When it's over you'll see adorable

5. With some jewelry, even when you're asleep you can look flashy

6. Dad, remember that accessories are always important

7. Enjoy your program, I will leave you beautiful

8. One more card and you will be ready

9. Look dad, now we look the same

10. Dad, I'm Picasso!

11. Dad, your excitement that we are styled the same, it shows!

12. Dad, you fell asleep, but I left you beautiful

13. Dad if you want to play tea with me, you should look like a princess

14. My favorite color on your nails, dad

15. It does not matter if you're a rough man, you'll do anything to see her happy

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