I do not apologize for not being for anyone; I also need time for myself


And what if sometimes I want to be alone, take care of myself and give me what I deserve and need? It is not a mistake to try to disconnect from everything around you in order to dedicate time to the only person that should concern me, myself. We live in a society where it is unseemly for a person to consent, you must always be aware of others, be kind, take care of others and be present for those who need it.

But what happens when someone needs to spend time with himself? People immediately dismiss you as selfish. In these times when you hear about almost everything that others do, you have to be willing to give several likes a day, answer messages or calls and be connected 24/7.

Work absorbs your time, the family eats your patience, the people around you demand that you be less egotistical; when in reality the only person you neglect is yourself. Sometimes I do not want to be for anyone else, I want to spend time getting to know me, listening to me, laughing at myself, because curiously I have realized that I know more other people than me.

I have not given myself enough time to listen to my complaints, my needs, my tastes, I have left everything for later because I have eliminated my priorities. I'm always on the last part of my list to do.

Then without realizing I get stressed by everything, I get angry, I get upset with those around me, there comes a time when I can not stand anyone's voice and the body begins to charge me the bill. My head hurts, I get sick from my stomach, I catch a cold for more than a week, my back kills me, I become irritable and cynical and the people around me do not understand what happens, even when they live the same situation.

What do I need to recover? Unburden myself, take time alone to listen to my inner self that cries for help, that I have silenced for a long time, making it live at my pace, taking it to the limit of what is tolerable.

I think that people are unbearable, when I am the one who can not stand; I start to blame the world for my problems, but I am the one who causes them. I have become an insensitive being, forgetting my existence, I feel miserable in a routine life, I escape from reality without committing myself to save myself.

So I discovered that I need a time alone, away from the world, from everyday problems, from the noise of people; I need to find my peace and tranquility, the one I forgot a long time ago and do not remember how it feels.

I need to shout to the world that I am not angry, I do not hate them and I am not building a wall, I am simply rescuing that woman I had forgotten in the corner of an old trunk in the back of my room, eaten away by the problems of life.

I must meet again and smile in front of the mirror, to go out and be able to share that wonderful being that I have let it wither with time. So I do not apologize if I decide to get away from everything and everyone, now I must apologize for having let it happen so much without worrying about me. It's time to restart and start new adventures.

You need to stop apologizing | Mel Robbins (January 2021)