I can not stop! I will not stop! 14 signs that you are the crazy friend

We all have (or have had) that friend who does not mind climbing on the tables, screaming at ridiculous things in public places or dancing shamefully in the aisle of the frozen food in the supermarket. She is the crazy friend and if you are reading this and thinking of a specific person you are probably right.

It is also possible that you identify so much that you realize that it is about you, and that being the crazy friend is part of your identity. These 14 signs could help you.

1. You speak very strong

They are always silencing you. People make a signal with your hand to lower your volume when speaking. Strangers tend to laugh or grimace with the things you do and say. Your presence is noticeable when you arrive at a place.

You may not be aware of the lack of control in the volume of your voice. All you know is that you're not in a library, so what's the damn problem?

2. You are never responsible for the group when they go out to drink

Your friends know very well how you are. Generally, it is expected that you are too drunk to be responsible for someone else, let alone you. But it seems that everyone has gotten used to it and they do not have any problem with that, because that's the way you are.

3. You are the soul of the party

Without you, something is missing. Without thinking twice, you do things that for the rest are shameful. You're the first to line up in the men's bathroom when there are 45 girls waiting to enter the women's bathroom. When dancing, you do not care if you are alone or accompanied, and you do it as if no one saw you, sometimes even in a ridiculous way.

On the other hand, you usually make vulgar comments and your friends will not know what to say, but in the end, they love the touch you give to the nights that are supposed to be quiet.

4. There are people who can not stand you

You are not the one to be friends with the weak of heart. Some people are still too conservative to support your way of being, and because they do not take your way of life with such joy, they will look annoyed or judge you.

5. You do not have filters

You are the one who says aloud what everyone was thinking but did not dare to say. It is both a blessing and a curse.

6. You are the one who could do anything

Your family and your friends have told you countless times that you could go astray at a music festival and not bring your phone with you; roll down a hill and not stop laughing (or tell if it happens to someone else); throw a flatulence in front of a group and consider it funny. Etc.

7. They ask you if you're okay when you're not talking

Normally you speak a thousand times per hour, but when there are times when you simply want to be quiet or silent, this worries everyone. They assume that if you decided to keep silent for a while it's because something is wrong.

8. You need to dance

A party or a bar without a dance floor is not a place you want to be. As long as you can go out and do a few unique dance moves, your night will be successful.

9. Half of your selfies are signing with their hands or with duck face

You are, basically, the star of the pictures with funny poses. When you go to take a picture, you feel in your natural habitat.

10. Are you drunk?

Do you take drugs?

No, I do not need to drug or drink to be full of life and enjoy love!

Your excess of energy and lack of shame can be surprising for those who do not know that you can be wild, shameful and clumsy, being complete and totally sober.

11. You always have a story to tell

When you meet a friend that you have not seen for a long time, or even if they have seen each other a few days ago, you always have a lot to talk about. It is not difficult to start a conversation with you because you always have something to say. In fact, you are able to make a monologue with all the stories you have collected during your life.

12. Friends of your friends know about you

It is not at all unusual that when you meet your friend and your friends they greet you with a big smile, followed by: I have heard a lot about you. And is that your friends can not stop sharing with others those weird episodes that happen to you.

13. You have earned another name for when you are drunk

Sober you're kind of weird, but drunk you can consider yourself at a higher level.

Sometimes the whole party takes you. Sometimes, perhaps because of the moon's effect, only one drink. The point is that a few drinks are enough to move from one level to another in your drunkenness, and then there is no turning back. You already have a special name for those moments when alcohol turns you into another person, which is sometimes adorable but sometimes scary.

14. You are the protagonist of your friends' stories

The cell phone camera loves you. It does not matter if it's in a bar or in your best friend's house, if you're doing something ridiculous it will be worth documenting it.

You are not ashamed to be the crazy friend. You are the source of laughter, the heroine of many wild adventures and the superstar of your own stories. A great woman once said: I came to enjoy, so be quiet!

That woman is probably you, just before doing great madness.

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