How true is it that: Does the forbidden know better?


My friend Andrea always says: "What they forbid me, is what I want to do the most"

Conscious or not aware we know that a single mistake can have very bad consequences and even then, like every human being, we gain more that adrenaline or temptation.

The truth is that these "small" errors or slip in the most critical moments can help us know ourselves.

What will be the key element that makes temptation so irresistible? In fact each person has different temptations, of course, we all have different interests.

I find it quite interesting that each of the temptations comes in its own form and style, although some other times, we manifest them by yearning for alternate lives that may not be conducive to our existence.

Even so, we continue giving ourselves the pleasure and looking for what hinders our senses, granting us temporary immunity from any situation.

The most surprising thing is that we have the ability to observe, analyze and recognize what is tempting us. In other words, we know exactly what this temptation can potentially lead us to, and on the other hand, that it makes a conscious decision to challenge this analysis to please us temporarily.

You want to know why?


It may be suffering that leads us to this temptation. This pain can submerge us and when we do not know how to handle it, it can lead us to look for an easy way out.

Everyone at some point feels suffering, either because you lost a loved one or in general by any difficult situation.

Therefore, humans instinctively seek pleasure. That is the mental telepathy that our brain exhibits to find this pleasure.


Putting aside the fact that we unconsciously seek pleasure, we fall to these temptations because they help us to escape. We all have reasons to escape from reality, when we feel: loneliness, lack of love, despair, etc.

However, it will be a good reason to sin or not?

We submit to these temptations because we want our problems to be solved, and how many times have they given us a solution?

Rather, what results is a vicious circle that escapes us from reality more and more and for longer than before.


What does it really mean when they say that fear paralyzes?

Fear can interfere when it consists of a certain time. Most people set deadlines for everything: when to achieve professional success, when to fall in love, when to get pregnant, etc.

At the moment that these dates reach the limit, fear appears disguised as a: I do not have enough, maybe I can never reach my goals, even if I am not enough.

Today, I challenge you to let go of fear. Fear generally does not lead to anything. Feel the suffering, understand it and do not try to change it. Find the root of fear and suffering, and let go of those imaginary deadlines.

Let go of that weight you carry and believe in yourself, believe that you are worth it. You live, not just exist. Do not let yourself be guided by these temptations or confusions, go ahead aware that the fear vanishes and so it will be.

Michael Cremo: "Forbidden Archaeology" | Talks at Google (January 2021)