How to know if a man wants a serious relationship with you or just a Free?


At some point in your life you will meet a boy you are attracted to, they will start to leave, and then the question will arise that all women, at some point, ask themselves: how do you know if you want something serious? Each man is different, so pigeon-holing everyone would be wrong. However, we can say that most women have trouble defining the direction they want the relationship to go. This is why it is not what they expected and they end up with a broken heart.

Here we show you some situations that will allow you to identify if the boy you are dating wants something serious or is just a free.

The boy who wants something serious with you


The boy who just wants a free

  • When you met him, he already had some time alone. A considerable period has passed since their last relationship ended (it depends on how intense it was). He is already prepared to start a new one, he has already closed wounds, and his old love affair was in the past. He is emotionally healthy and available.
  • He has just finished a relationship, whether it is a boyfriend or a married couple, for which he is hurt, angry, emotionally unstable and just wants someone to be distracted to overcome his grief.

  • He invites you to the movies, to eat, or to have a coffee.
  • When they go out, it takes you to bars, clubs, or any place where you know you'll find alcohol.
  • In the first appointments, no matter where you invite, either to the movies, or to dinner, he takes care of all expenses, do not let you pay anything, much less that you invite.
  • The expenses are shared, either half and half, or in the worst case it looks for the way so that you always end up paying yourself.
  • If you are going through a bad economic situation, invite you to walk, or propose an alternative in which you do not need money. He just wants to be with you.
  • He tells you he has no money, but every weekend he uploads photos with his friends in bars, parties, spending money somewhere, going on a trip. In short, it lets you see that you only have no money when it comes to you.

  • In the first appointments he remains respectful. Do not try to take your hand, hold you, let alone kiss you.
  • The first thing you want to do when you go out is kiss passionately.
  • When they have been dating for some time, begin to show affection towards you. It seeks to have physical contact with you, but does not want to go beyond the limits, that is, it only takes you by the hand, hugs you and talks about your feelings towards you. Then he asks you to be his girlfriend and he kisses you. If it happens the other way around, first the kiss, do not let much time pass to propose that you are dating.
  • If he kissed you from the first few times they started dating, he goes to find that the kisses rise in intensity. He asks you to go to his house, or to a place where they can be calmer to have sex with you. He never talks about what he wants from the relationship, and if he does, he just asks you to be free.

  • He wants you to meet his friends, family, classmates or work. He speaks to you on the phone, text messages, whatsapps. He writes to you on Facebook, Twitter, or looks for any means to maintain communication with you.
  • It only speaks to you through WhatsApp or any application that is private, and that nobody but you and he can see it.
  • Every day try to have contact with you by any means.
  • You know about him only when he looks for you because he wants to (it can take weeks or even months).
  • No matter the time or place where you are: school, work, with your friends. If you dial him, he always answers your calls. It adds to your frequent numbers and your calls can last for hours.
  • If you dial him over the phone, he rarely answers you, and it takes hours to return the call. When they speak, they do so in a discreet and sometimes even cutting tone. Usually you dial when you want to have sex with you.

  • He will never tell you I love you on the first dates; It starts with a I like you, I love you, I have a good time when I'm with you. When they formalize the relationship continues with I love you or I adore you. When he feels that the relationship is already stable, they know each other well and he is sure of his feelings, he tells you I love you.
  • Soon after meeting, even on the first date, he tells you I love you, I love you, you are the love of my life. If you say it as soon as you are sure you are not being honest. Most likely he just wants to conquer you to have sex with you.
  • Always seeks to please you in everything. It takes you to your favorite places, does what you like, accompanies you at times that are important to you. He does the impossible to please you in everything, even in the sexual sphere. First seek your satisfaction before your own.
  • He chooses where he wants to go, what they will do, where they will be seen.In sex only seeks your satisfaction, does not care if you enjoy or not.

  • If you have a car, it's something that does not matter to him, as long as they leave, he goes to your house. On the way back he takes you to the door. She does not like you to return alone, because she is worried.
  • He asks you to look somewhere that does not deviate him (that's fine with you). Or it asks you to look directly at the site where you will go.
  • When it goes through you to your house, knock on the door or the doorbell. Face your house so your family knows who you are dating.
  • On rare occasions it arrives for you at your house. If you do so, you will mark or send a message to your cell phone so that you can leave.

  • On the first dates, you will notice that you are invited to leave with time in advance. He does not want you to make plans with someone else.
  • He never calls you, only when he wants them to be seen that same day. If you are lucky, do it a few hours before, that is, call in the morning to be seen that same night. Most likely, someone canceled you and is looking for another option.
  • When they begin their relationship, they want everyone to know about you and what they feel for you. That's why he has no problem changing his sentimental situation on Facebook. Upload a picture where they appear together, post love messages on your wall, dedicate songs to you
  • Never put a relationship with you on Facebook. He does not even upload photos where they go out together, but with his friends. She likes other girls' images and even flirts with them.

  • He does not have sex with you, he makes love. Do not press, on the contrary, do everything possible to make it the best time. Make it somewhere special, with a romantic atmosphere and good music.
  • All he's looking for is having sex with you, anywhere, and from the first date.
  • If they had sex without being boyfriends, shows interest in you. The next day he calls you to find out how you are doing. Then he asks you to be boyfriends.
  • He seeks to have sex with you as soon as possible and not talk about you. You do not hear from him until next weekend, or until he has a craving again.

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