Honey patch that could prevent amputations in diabetics, true or false?


Diabetes, either of the two types, is one of the most common diseases in Mexico, where the population has high levels of glucose in the blood, causing serious problems in the eyes, kidneys, nervous system, as well as heart disease .

In the worst cases, due to neuropathy (involvement of the nerves that make up the system) the extremities -mainly the feet- can suffer from lack of sensitivity, so that pain and injuries go unnoticed to the point of causing an amputation.

Fortunately, students of the Tepeaca Center for Higher Studies in Puebla discovered the benefits that honey offers: it does not cure diabetic foot but it does accelerate healing and avoid ulcers. This discovery was applied in a patch produced with beeswax and, in theory, minimizes the problems that the skin suffers from diabetes. The raw material - honey - is cultivated and treated by the same researchers and then goes through a bacterial study.

The treatment consists of disinfecting the wound and removing the necrosis (dead parts of the skin), then placing triaconatol, oil from vegetable waxes such as bee, which acts as a growth stimulant. In the case of honey, it is an antiseptic that prevents infection, like garlic, as well as being a disinfectant and stimulating the regeneration of cells, explains Dr. Armando Acevedo, in charge of the case.

The research involved 15 people with injuries from diabetes. The wounds of six patients had successful results; in turn, two abandoned the treatment and two other participants continue with the same waiting to see positive effects.

Diabetic Foot Wounds Treatment | FAQ (April 2021)