Homophobic attack in London, beat couple of women after watching them kiss


Four men brutally beat and stole the belongings of a lesbian couple on a bus in Camden, north of London.

After seeing them kissing, the attackers began the verbal harassment that culminated in a beating that left their bloodied faces and one of them without meaning on the floor of the bus.

Melania Geymonat, one of the affected, narrated how after kissing his girlfriend Chris the men started a verbal attack in which they called them disparaging lesbians, asked them to kiss each other to observe them and made reference to various sexual positions.

Although Melania tried to joke with them to dispel the tension, it kept climbing: they threw coins and shouted at us; At some point I remember seeing three of them hitting Chris while someone hit me, he says.

After falling unconscious, Geymonat only remembers the moment when the police boarded the bus and was taken along with his girlfriend to a hospital. Also there, he says, we were victims of harassment and psychological violence. Because the attack was perpetrated in the early hours of May 30, Geymonat, a flight attendant of Uruguayan origin, still had no certainty that her nose was broken and whether or not she could appear at work.

So far the Met police continues to make inquiries and calling witnesses in order to locate one of the four men responsible for the attack in which they also stole a phone and a bag from those affected.

For his part, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, described the attack as disgusting and misogynistic. In a tweet issued in his official account he affirmed that no crime against the LGBT community will be tolerated in the city that governs, and asked the citizens to communicate in case of having clues that help to solve the attack.

Geymonat detailed the attack suffered in his Facebook account, where he regretted how normal violence has become in society and, above all, to feel any impact it is necessary to see a bloody face like hers and her partner in the moment of the incident.

Female couple attacked by gang on night bus | ITV News (April 2021)