Hobby Horsing; the sport that is not a game for girls


Unfortunately, horse riding is one of the most elegant sports that can exist, unfortunately not everyone has the resources to practice it, that is why in Finland the hobby horsing. The novelty sport It is practiced by some 10 thousand girls between 10 and 18 years old.

Is discipline it includes horse riding jumps, ballet movements and a toy horse, yes, of those that only have a head and a stick as a body. Of course, imagination is also useful when it comes to practicing it.

This is the hobby horsing

For some time, the girls from Filandesas, who are real experts and have popularized the activity, compete in different categories and disciplines, such as jumping and dressage, as in traditional horse riding.

During the competition, the judges study the movements, jumps, the measurement of each stride and observe the tension with which they hold the reins of the horse.

Of course it's easy to laugh, especially when you see what it's about

But when you look beyond the small reins and manes made of cloth, you will see something really extraordinary. Many of the participants say they have found a refuge in the hobby horsing, especially when they feel misunderstood and alone.

The young women who practice it are daughters of divorced parents or have been victims of bullying at school; and as practitioners of this curious sport, have the opportunity to attend different championships that are organized throughout Finland.

These girls mix art, imagination and discipline

Sometimes, when the weather permits, the girls stroll in the open air and enjoy galloping with their horses.

Many of the horses are handmade

During the competitions, the young athletes exchange tips to build their own ponies.

It takes a lot girl power to practice it

For some it is an activity that promotes women's empowerment and imagination without limits.

This sporting practice requires time and money, but also making a stick horse and then competing with it gives you creativity and strength. Would you dare to practice it?

Finns compete in annual hobby horse championship (September 2020)