His wedding was not a fairy tale; She lost her hair because of stress!


We women dream of a beautiful wedding, we even imagine that it will be like a fairy tale, full of flowers, with spectacular music and with the prince waiting for us at the altar, right? And although many get the result they expected, the process is not always so simple. Brides undergo a lot of stress as long as everything is perfect.

But there may not be an equal to Michelle Wilson Stimson. She began planning her wedding in early 2018 and, like many others, began to have organizational problems, so many that she lost almost 90 percent of her hair! because of stress.

The fairy tale did not have a happy ending

At first he did not notice the amount of hair he was losing, but days after the wedding he realized that he had fallen large locks, until finally his hair was reduced to almost nothing.

The problems only increased

As the big day approached, Michelle received the news that her dress would not arrive on the scheduled date until two days before the party. Her stylist canceled the appointment and had to resort to another to comb and makeup and, to top it off, on the day of the wedding the expected choir did not arrive and had to put music with his cell phone while walking to the altar.

After the event, he visited a professional

The doctor asked him if he had to face a situation that could have altered it or generated stress or changes in food in recent months; Michelle replied that she had been organizing her wedding. In his blog he explained how he felt:

It was supposed to have been a special day, but I was so anxious that I lost my hair. People do not perceive how it can be stressful to plan the ceremony. The dream of a wedding can become a nightmare.

The doctor diagnosed stress alopecia

He was recommended to try all possible treatments such as shampoos, creams and medicines so that he could improve his situation.

I kept my heart broken, the professionals did not know if my hair would grow again.

After the wedding Michelle started practicing meditation, went to acupuncture sessions, started eating better and taking food supplements. But the process of growing her hair was so slow that she had to wear wigs, even went to therapy to accept that alopecia can be permanent.

Currently Michelle shares her story through her Instagram account and in her blog, Hair loss diaries, in which she talks about her experience with other women and encourages them to overcome alopecia problems.

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