His ex-husband hated his collection of cups, but his new boyfriend built him a shelf


Find the love of life It should be an easy and somewhat natural task, but sometimes it takes more than one attempt to find the person who will love us as we are.

Ana Stanowick is a woman who rejoiced Twitter with a single publication and gave us hope in love: her mother, an avid cup collector, found her soul mate after divorcing, and her boyfriend, unlike her ex, the supports completely with your hobbies and oddities. This is the clear proof that we should never settle for someone who makes us feel less!

My dad used to get very angry every time my mom came home with a new cup (she likes to collect them), and her new boyfriend literally built a shelf on the wall to showcase her collection. This is why we should not settle for losers, girls!

Internet exploded with tenderness!

You have to know how to appreciate the oddities

You have found your place when you can be yourself

A couple that supports you in everything!

Even if you do not like the same thing as you

There will always be someone to show you how much you're worth

Caution is forearmed

Besides the beauty of the situation, they realized that

She LOVES frogs!

But this is what is really important: