His companions made him bullying because of his color; now create clothing line to inspire others


Racism is a condition in which a human being despises another by some particular physical characteristic. For a person who is a victim of discrimination the consequences can be very serious, such as falling into severe depression, especially if it is children or adolescents.

Kheris Pollard, 10, lives in Los Angeles, California, with her mother Erika and her sister Taylor, 22 years old. Currently attending the fifth grade and his story is inspiring.

She was different and everyone told her

While attending the first grade, Kheris had to experience very hard times because of his skin tone, as he attended a school where only four other girls of color attended and he was continually being harassed by his classmates.

His mother was worried

His mother was worried about the mood of the little girl, since he noticed her feeling down and began to show symptoms of depression:

She began to notice that she was different from the others, so she cried a lot and complained about her skin color.

Even his teacher was rude

One of the moments that marked her the most was when they had to do a group exercise where they had to draw themselves, then her teacher gave her a black crayon, she replied saying it was not black, that her skin was brown.

They had to change it from school

His mother took action and decided to change her school, believing that if she went to a place where there were people of different races, Kheris could feel more comfortable, but the opposite happened.

She was still sad

Incredibly, the girl came crying because some of her companions, who were of the same color, began to annoy her, telling her that she was very thin and that her skin tone was very dark, which impressed the girl's mother.

His sister decided to help her

Taylor, the older sister of Kheris, worried about the little girl's sadness, decided to do something to help her feel better, so after participating in a catwalk, she captured a beautiful image of her sister and uploaded it to her account. Twitter. In the image, Taylor used the hashtag with the phrase FlexinInHerComplexion (boasting his complexion).

Now he loves his skin color

The picture went viral and this helped Kheris in an impressive way. In just one month it was shared 30 thousand times and the comments were favorable; many claimed that they loved the skin color of the girl and her hair, they also called her beautiful; Kheris's face changed completely and she began to feel more secure.

Fight against intolerant people

To give her more confidence, her sister helped her create an account in Twitter, where I could upload your photos. Although it was also criticized because a 10-year-old girl had her own account. That did not bother her and she kept sharing photos where she was happier and proud of her skin.

Now he wants to help others

Recently, encouraged by the support she has received from her followers, Kheris decided to launch a clothing line with the phrase that made her so popular FlexinInHerComplexion, With this project, she seeks to help other people feel happy and satisfied with their skin color, no matter what others say.

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