Her boyfriend rejects her in front of the Kiss Cam; in revenge she kisses a complete stranger

The Kiss Camera It is a tradition in basketball and other sports in the United States, and we know it by some scenes from romantic movies. In 2016, a couple not so much in love became the sensation of a basketball game when the camera of the kiss challenged them to show off their love, the boy refused and she decided to give him a lesson in national chain with the subject that had the other side.

And is that when you capture the camera with the slob of your boyfriend who does not want to kiss you in public, all, absolutely ALL revenge is justifiable. Recently, another girl applied the same strategy of: I will kiss another if you do not leave and left the audience astonished. Would you dare to do this to your boy? Here the funny reaction.

We all know what to do when the kiss camera focuses on you

Flip with your partner or date and give him a kiss. It does not sound like such a difficult thing, does it?

For this boy, kissing his girlfriend in front of the audience turned out to be too much

He simply refused. See his face: he did not get nervous, you can not tell he's shy, he's just the typical jerk with whom nobody deserves to leave. Especially you, blond girl in red shirt.

So the blonde in question took revenge

And he kissed the boy on the other side. Because well Beyoncé said it, nobody is irreplaceable in this life and less a man who does not love you.

The reaction of the public is pure gold

WE ALL made the same expression of those girls!

Woman Rejected By Boyfriend On 'Kiss Cam', Kisses Random Guy Instead (January 2021)