He used Snapchat to create the best trick to choose his nail color; Internet goes crazy


Choosing the perfect color and design for your nails can be tricky. The tone that you choose will talk about your tastes, your personality and the environment in which you develop, in addition it must be dynamic and versatile so that it combines with any outfit, event or situation that occurs.

Therefore, Emma, ​​an 18-year-old girl from Texas, has had the best idea in the world. Forget about failed manicures, all you need is your cell phone, Snapchat and lots of creativity.

I was looking for a color change

After her high school graduation party, Emma wanted to change the tone of her manicure and decided to go to the beauty salon without an appointment, while waiting her turn she had the best idea in the world.

I was looking at the nail options, in a book of designs that are inside the beauty salon and I had to put my finger under each of them and imagine what my nails would look like, something quite complicated.

He remembered a trick

Emma, ​​was thinking about how she could choose her nail color in an easier way, when she remembered that Snapchat allows her to make custom stickers.

Cool Gray 150

He selected the color he liked, created a personalized sticker and tested his creation. Just to the measure!

After making four different attempts I decided on the fresh gray color # 150

He shared his idea

Emma, ​​shared her idea through Twitter, where her publication has been reproduced more than 90 thousand times.

The solution to your problems

Some people think it's awesome and other people think it's stupid, which is fine because I do not take the tweet very seriously. It was just a post happy about an idea I had.

Everyone loves it

His idea has been replicated by thousands of girls around the world.

It has surprised more than one person.

The best trick for a manicure

Apparently digital manicures will be the most this year.

They have rated it as the best idea of ​​the year

It seems to have solved several problems.

Nobody can stop doing tests

Try it as many times as you want without wasting your money.

We all appreciate it

It is definitely the best proof that technology can benefit all of us.

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