He transforms incredibly into any celebrity through makeup


As any woman knows, the transforming power of makeup is not a joke: it can transform a dull appearance into bright and resplendent, from irregular and uneven to impeccable and smooth and even, alter a look dramatically.

Employing it in the right areas, along with contact lenses and colored wigs, Filipino television presenter Paolo Ballesteros transforms himself from a regular guy into several famous stars of music, film and television. Their skills with makeup are impressive. Here we show you some images that are on Instagram of the transformations that this man is capable of.

1. Cher

2. Kim Kardashian

3. Kaci Fennell, Miss Jamaica 2015

4. Beyoncé

5. Frozen Elsa

6. Megan Fox

7. Ellen DeGeneres

8. Julia Roberts

9. Iggy Azalea

10. Ariana Grande

11. Miley Cyrus

12. Rihanna

13. Taylor Swift

14. Twilight beauty

15. Katy Perry

Guy Transforms Himself Into Any Celebrity Using Makeup (January 2021)