He thought there were ghosts in his house; It was his ex-boyfriend living in the attic!


It is normal to be afraid of ghosts, after all since we are small we have been infused with the fear of nonexistent beings such as the closet monster, the junkie, La Llorona, the old man of the sack and an infinity of other characters. However, they never prepare us to fear people, on the contrary, they make us trust and be friendly and even maintain loving relationships. But deep down, there are people who scare more than anyone.

A woman from North Pittsburg felt terrified in her own home. For weeks she heard strange noises coming from the attic that woke her up at midnight, but not only that: she began to notice that the toilet lid was up and that there was a gray blanket that belonged to her ex-boyfriend on the sofa and then he saw her more time in the dark corner of the attic. Given these facts, the woman did not hesitate to call the police because although the ghosts make noises, they do not move the objects. So he discovered that it was the living in his attic.

A ghost lurking

Caray Cocuzzi was accused of theft and illegal invasion of property after his ex-girlfriend found him standing and watching her in the middle of the room. The woman, whose name remains anonymous, gave an interview for Channel 11 of the USA, in which she said she felt terrified:

I feel that this will affect me for the rest of my life. I had an intuition about it, but I ignored it, I pushed it aside. I did not want to seem paranoid and I trusted my instincts.

Nobody uses the bathroom in that way and I did not receive visitors, so I thought: My God, is this man in my house? This is so strange.

The man already had a restraining order

Previously he had tried to assault her sexually, so he filed a complaint and the judge granted him a restraining order. Apparently he did not care, because he lived in his house for three weeks before she found him in the middle of the room.

Before he could run to ask for help, he took it from his face, still shouted and that alerted the neighbors who did not hesitate to call the police. Fortunately, their children were not at home that night.

He did not respect the restraining order. He had been at my house while my children were here, while I was here sleeping. You never think that this will happen to you.

Police said Cocuzzi said he had been living home intermittently for the past two years, so he broke into the girl's house. When she managed to run, he went back to the attic, where he was found hiding under clothes and furniture.

Woman Finds Ex Living In Her Attic, 12 Years After Their Breakup (April 2021)