He spent 5 years creating a comic book for his girlfriend based on all the things that they lived in their relationship


During the first years of a marriage, the couple learns to live in company, but there are very few who dare to tell the funny stories they create. However, Pete wanted everyone to know about the good relationship he has had for five years with his partner Kellie.

The illustrations have become a visual diary of everything they do together, from the decision to have a baby and the difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth to today, in which they finally have their little daughter Poppy. For Pete, his partner and his daughter are a daily inspiration, and his illustrations are the memories that he will be able to look at years later to appreciate the happy and funny memories they have created.

1. When you live as a couple, doubts always appear

2. Men always have strange habits

3. Forget about a couple diet

4. There are thousands of sleeping positions

5. The dances in the kitchen are perfect and fun

6. When you show off your physique in front of the mirror, but you know you are plunging your belly

7. Sometimes, sleeping on a spoon is torture

8. Pregnancy prevents you from enjoying a night of sleep

9. The emotion of having your baby in your arms is indescribable

10. Strolling the three together reinforces your love

11. And when your wife and children go out, you're left alone, missing them

12. This is the best compliment you can say to a mom

13. The real challenge begins when you have to sleep with a baby

14. After 5 years, you get used to being yourself

15. Because in the end, you are with your favorite person

I Failed To Save My Girl From Her Father (January 2021)