He shared on Twitter that no one went to his father's store, so the users reacted


Start a new business is a double-edged sword: you never know if you will succeed or if you know the failure, sometimes no matter how hard and enterprising you are. There are studies that reveal that 20 percent of small startups fail during their first year. Maybe the secret lies in the motivation, commitment and love that you inject every day to your business and not give up. If you do not believe it, you just have to read the story of Billy B.'s father.

Recently his father opened a donut shop called Billys Donuts, but was sad to discover that no customer had arrived at the grand opening even though the donuts looked delicious, the store was bright and everything was ready to start the family business . Faced with this daunting situation, Billy relieved himself on his Twitter account and something magical happened moments later.

Billys Donuts opened its doors but not a soul stopped in the place

Billy's father started his business in the traditional way: he painted, he decorated, he got suppliers and even handed out flyers on the street announcing the opening of his business, but nothing worked. Being an elderly man, he was unaware of the importance that social networks currently have in marketing and he forgot to create a page to advertise his business.

Fortunately, Billy knows the networks very well and in an attempt to help his father attract customers he published a photo on Twitter that mentioned how sad his dad was about the situation.

Thanks to Twitter, the store was filled with customers in record time

Although social networks are often used to post negative comments, this time it was different because users joined and immediately, who were nearby, gathered at the place to buy some of the delicious products.

The comments on social networks were very good

It did not take long for the Internet to spread the word to support the cause and, in addition, enjoy a dessert.

They showed that the power of Twitter is immense

And besides serving as a space for criticism, it also serves as a place to support good causes.

Billy and his father were grateful

Your business seems to be heading for success.

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