He left the university to follow his dream; Now she is one of the best tattooists in the world


Following our dreams is not always easy, for some reason or another the perfect plan is not met, but it does not matter if the plan changes one or a hundred times, while the goal is the same, you will achieve your dream.

Apparently several women follow this message to the letter and therefore have managed to forget the routine doing what they like best, as in the case of Gamze, a girl who after completing her studies in philology, was involved in a existential crisis by recognizing that he did not love what he was doing.

1. It all started when Gamze studied philology

2. I worked as a graphic designer to cover your expenses

3. When he graduated, he tried to work elsewhere

4. But nothing made her feel alive

5. So he abandoned all his jobs

6. He began to draw to feel better

7. Transformed his drawings into original tattoos

8. But he did not know any tattoo artist that would help him

9. And again she felt depressed

10. Although not for long

11. He had a great idea

12. And he started tattooing unknown people

13. Little by little the weight of the routine disappeared

14. He was free to express his work

15. Your emotions and your tastes

16. That is why he decided to create a special firm

17. Adding a red dot in each design

18. It's been 2 years since you made your first tattoo

19. He has tattooed hundreds of people around the world

20. Now he has his own studio

21. He forgot about garage routine and depression

22. Work with people you admire

23. He hopes that his drawings will be considered as art

24. But especially

25. Longs to help people who need to change their lives

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